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Liquid Nitrogen Cryopreservation

CBS Isothermal Freezers feature a patented liquid Nitrogen jacket to provide uniform storage temperatures in the -190°C range, free from liquid Nitrogen contact. This innovative design eliminates the risk of cross-contamination through liquid Nitrogen and the need for additional packaging to protect valuable cells and tissue.

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The Isothermal Concept
The sample storage area is cooled by a liquid nitrogen jacket surrounding the stainless steel interior, and by nitrogen vapour entering the freezer from the jacket via directional vents. This patented technology provides exceptional temperature uniformity in the -190°C range, allowing the full freezer capacity to be used with confidence. The circulation of vapour within the freezer also results in less cold air loss during lid opening and improved visibility. This allows full-width lids to be used providing quick, unrestricted access to sample racks.

Manual-fill Cryosystems provide versatile, low cost sample storage at cryogenic temperatures with maximum capacity and low liquid nitrogen consumption.

  • ‘XC’, ‘Classic’ and ‘Value Added’ Series fulfill a wide range of storage requirements
  • Capacities from 210 to 6,000 2ml vials
  • Advanced vacuum and insulation for maximum thermal performance
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction and roller bases for easy mobility
  • Storage solutions for vials and straws
  • Easy access to store and retrieve samples
  • Sample security with low-level alarm and lockable lids (padlock not supplied)